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Measurement Plus


We are always looking for exceptional, talented individuals with extensive experience of valve applications in the Oil and Gas industry. If...
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Measurement Plus offers valve and instrumentation inspection and witness testing for all of our manufacturers and products.

Utilising our network of offices across Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom we are able to provide regular schedule updates, inspection of incoming materials, witness testing and final inspection for any of your project requirements.


Measurement Plus has an ISO 9001 accredited valve service centre based in Sale.  This facility specializes in the service and repair of both choke valves and ball valves.  We also have the ability to design and manufacture control panels.  

The facility is managed and run by a dedicated team of highly experienced personnel.  The team is fully accredited for offshore and onshore site work. The key support areas are:

·         Choke Valve inspection both in house and offshore
·         Choke valve repairs and service
·         Ball valve inspection
·         Ball valve repair and service
·         Design and manufacture of control systems